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SPSS is available in all open labs and electronic classrooms for student and faculty use on campus. To Access SPSS for home use please access it through our Virtual Lab portal.


What is included? 

Module Name

Statistics Base  Utilized for data access, management, preparation, analysis, and reporting. 
Data Preparation Get data ready for analysis, streamline the data validation process, eliminate labor-intensive manual checks and reach more accurate conclusions. Data Preparation Video (2:58)
Bootstrapping Enables you to assess the stability of your statistics so you can be confident in their reliability. Bootstrapping Video (2:41)
Advanced Statistics Analyze complex relationships with sophisticated procedures. Advanced Statics Video (3:29)
Regression Make better predictions with powerful regression procedures like logistic regression, nonliner regression, and other advanced modeling. Regression Video (2:37)
Custom Tables Produce high-quality tabular reports. Custom Tables Video (2:46)
Complex Samples Achieve more precise analytical results when working with large-scale surveys or complex samples. Complex Samples Video (3:05)
Conjoint Helps you measure how individual product attributes affect consumer preferences. Conjoint Video (3:11)
Direct Marketing When you want to find the most valuable customers for your organization. (Direct Marketing Video 2:46)
Exact Tests When you have smaller samples and want to be confident in your results, when you need to analyze rare occurrences in large data sets. Exact Tests Video (3:09)
Neural Networks Helps you model complex relationships between inputs and outputs. Neural Networks Video (3:23)
Categories Understand groupings in your data and predict key outcomes using perceptual maps. Categories Video (3:34)
Decision Trees Identify patterns, segments, and groups in your data. Decision Trees Video (13:49)
Forecasting Predict future events with powerful time-series analysis. Forecasting Video (3:14)
Missing Values Overcome missing data problems resulting in better models and more usable data sets. Missing Values Video (3:23)