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High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC), is the aggregation of computing power from multiple clusters being able to process complex calculations in a way that would deliver a much higher performance outcome than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation. HPC systems typically referred to as a "supercomputer", is essentially a network of nodes, each of which contains one or more processing chips, as well as its own memory and specialized processors. The University of Houston-Downtown's (UHD) faculty and students in various departments including Computer Science & Engineering Technology, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics & Statistics, utilize this system to solve large problems.

HPC Mission Statement

The University of Houston-Downtown’s research community is growing and to keep up with the demands, UHD has acquired a couple of HPC clusters. These clusters are dedicated to serving the UHD researchers who have intensive computational tasks and need dedicated system administration support to pursue their research.

The University's IT department provides researchers with a safe and secure environment for their data and computing resources. By managing the infrastructure and shared resources, our department aims to promote opportunities for all researchers in their disciplinary studies to utilize these resources. Through responsible stewardship of the University's facilities and research computing resources, UHD IT strives to assist researchers in their advancement of scientific knowledge and promotion of the University of Houston-Downtown as a research university.

HPC Vision Statement

University of Houston-Downtown's Information Technology offers system management services and other technical systems support to the researchers of UHD's research community. We aim to be the best source of technical advice to researchers on questions relating to server platforms, software implementation, and general infrastructure in the high performance computing space. In support of the HPC mission, it is our goal to provide the best possible service; starting with a stable, reliable facility and network and including professional system administration. We strive to promote future growth in research activities across all disciplines.