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UHD IT Service Catalog

Photot of Students with laptops

The UHD IT Service Catalog is a quick reference to services offered by UHD Information Technology.
For our list of service categories, see our UHD IT Service Categories page.

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Service Audience
Academic History dataset/reports Faculty/Staff/Other
Academic Progress Analytics Faculty/Staff/Other
Academic Technology Conference Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Access Control Investigation Other
Access Control Policy Restrictions (T2, Printers) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Access Points Access Policy per Role Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Account Configuration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Account Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
ACD Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Active Directory Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Ad Hoc Report Development and Processing Faculty/Staff
Adaptive Technology Students/Faculty/Staff
Admissions Analytics Faculty/Staff/Other
Admissions Dataset/Reports Faculty/Staff/Other
Alumni Access Other
Apache Administration Other
Application Administration Students/Faculty/Staff
Application Research Faculty/Staff
Application Services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Application Support Students/Faculty/Staff
Application System Configuration UHD
Application Testing Students/Faculty/Staff
Application Upgrades UHD
Audio Editing Faculty
Audio Recording – Studio and Location Faculty
Audio/Visual Service & Repairs Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Auditorium & Conference Center AV System Design & Installation Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Authentication Server NPS Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Authentication Services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Auto-Dialer Services Faculty/Staff
AV & Multimedia Consulting, Design & Engineering Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Banner Students/Faculty/Staff
Banner Integration Students/Faculty/Staff
Blog & Social Media Coordination Faculty/Staff
Budget Planning Staff
Business Intelligence & Analytics Development Faculty/Staff
Business Intelligence System Configuration & Upgrades Faculty/Staff
Business Process Review and Mapping Faculty/Staff
Cable Plant Design & Installation Faculty/Staff
Cabling Moves, Adds, & Changes Student/Faculty/Staff
Call Manager Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Camera Services Faculty/Staff
Campus Security for Access Control & IP Cameras Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Cash Deposits Staff
Central Computer Lab Operations & Facility Management Students/Faculty/Other
Centralized Computer Lab PC Refresh Program Students/Faculty
Change Management UHD
Classroom Notification System Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Classroom Technology Training & Support Student/Faculty
Client Access Termination Faculty/Staff
Client Connectivity (Desktops, Laptops, etc.) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Client Technical Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Client Technology Consultations & Recommendations Students/Faculty/Staff
Client Technology Purchases Students/Faculty/Staff
Cloud Connectivity Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Cloud Services Infrastructure Provisioning Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
College Computer Lab Services & Operations Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
College/Site IT Projects Facilitation Students/Faculty/Staff
College/Site Liaison Students/Faculty/Staff
Computer Set Up Request Intake Staff
Computing Equipment Installation Faculty/Staff
Computing Equipment Repairs Faculty/Staff
Conference Services AV Operation and Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Connectivity to UH Systems Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Connectivity to UHD @ Northwest Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Contract Review & Processing Staff
Copyright Infringement Investigation Student/Faculty/Staff
Core Distribution Access Switching Layers Other
Cost Center Reconciliations Staff
Course Dataset/Reports Faculty/Staff/Other
Course Schedule Analytics Faculty/Staff/Other
Dashboards Faculty/Staff
Data Backup & Recovery Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Data Center Operations Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Data Center/Server Connectivity (Nexus Technology) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Data Transfer Faculty/Staff
Data Warehouse Development Students/Faculty/Staff
Database Capacity Planning Students/Faculty/Staff
Database Upgrades, Maintenance &Troubleshooting UHD
Dedicated Wireless IP Scopes Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Department Copier & Network Printer Management Faculty/Staff
Departmental Computer Labs/Electronic Classroom PC Refresh Program Students/Faculty
Design and Test New Enterprise Systems Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Desktop Backups and Restore Faculty/Staff
Desktop Project Support Faculty/Staff
Digital Signage System Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Digital Signage: Operational Management, Creation & Training Faculty/Staff
Disaster Recovery Planning & Operation Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Document Imaging Support Faculty/Staff
Documentation Students/Faculty/Staff
Domain Controller Configuration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Domain Name Services- DNS (Internal & External) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
DreamSpark Students/Faculty
DSL Connectivity Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) IP Address Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
E911 services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Electronic Classroom Management Students/Faculty/Other
Email Security Administration Student/Faculty/Staff
Emergency Communication Brochure Card Faculty/Staff
Emergency Notification Management Student/Faculty/Staff
Emergency Notification to Desktops/Laptops Students/Faculty/Staff
Emerging Technologies Research & Deployment Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
EndPoint Administration Student/Faculty/Staff
Enrollment Analytics Faculty/Staff/Other
Enterprise Data Storage Planning (SAN,NAS, Raid) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Enterprise Systems Monitoring Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
ERP Development Students/Faculty/Staff
ERP Troubleshooting Students/Faculty/Staff
ERP Upgrades & Maintenance Students/Faculty/Staff
Executive Dashboard Faculty/Staff/Other
Extended Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Federated Identity Services (Shibboleth) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Financial Aid Analytics Faculty/Staff/Other
Financial Aid Dataset/Reports Faculty/Staff/Other
Firewall (Internal and External) Configurations Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Flipped Courses Lecture Recording & Editing Student/Faculty
Footprints (helpdesk Software) Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
DocuWare Document Imaging Design Services Faculty/Staff
Free and Discounted Software and Hardware Students/Faculty/Staff
Front Office/Receptionist Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Functional Application Review Faculty/Staff
Functional Budgeting Staff
General Classroom PC Refresh Program Students/Faculty
Graduation & Retention Analytics Faculty/Staff/Other
Helix Media Library (HML) Faculty/Staff/Other
Help Desk Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Help Desk Surveys Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Hobsons CRM Student/Faculty/Staff
IAS Administration Student/Faculty/Staff
Identity Management (IDM) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
IDF & MDF Application Configuration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Image Ghosting Students/Faculty/Staff
Information Security Awareness Campaigns Student/Faculty/Staff
Information Security Education/Training Student/Faculty/Staff
Information Security Event Log Management Administration Student/Faculty/Staff
Information Security Investigation Other
Information Security Policy development and review Student/Faculty/Staff
Information Security Research Other
Infrastructure Services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Instructional Software Support Students/Faculty
Instructional Software Tool Support Student/Faculty
Instructional TV Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Interface & Integration Development Students/Faculty/Staff
Interface with vendors Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
IPS Administration Student/Faculty/Staff
ISP Connectivity Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
IT Asset Management Faculty/Staff
IT Business Document Processing and Archive Staff
IT Equipment Receiving Faculty/Staff
IT information Security Reporting Other
IT Instructional Support & Multimedia Services Website Student/Faculty/Staff
IT Instructional Support Website Updates/Maintenance Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
IT Policy and Procedure manual Staff
IT Risk Assessment planning Student/Faculty/Staff
IT Risk Management Planning Student/Faculty/Staff
IT Support Website Updates/Maintenance Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
IT Surplus Store operation Students
Job Scheduler Students/Faculty/Staff
Journal Entries Staff
Key Control System Processing Staff
Lab Software Installation Students/Faculty/Other
Lab Surveys Students
Labs’ Usage Statistics Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Laptop Refresh Program Students
Layer 1-7 Connectivity Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Lecture Capture: Recording, Editing & Training Faculty
Legal Hold Execution Students/Faculty/Staff
License Distribution & Control Students/Faculty/Staff
Licensing Contracts Students/Faculty/Staff
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Linux Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Listserv Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Live Training Presentations Faculty/Staff
Load Balancers (F5) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Loaner PCs Faculty/Staff
Loaner PCs & Laptops Faculty/Staff
Location & Studio Photography Faculty/Staff
Mailbox Management Student/Faculty/Staff
Maintaining Production, Test & Development Environments UHD
Maintains & Updates Training Calendar & Catalog Faculty/Staff
Maintenance Contracts & License Processing Staff
Managed Print Services (Campus-wide) Students/Faculty
Marketing Promotional Video Production Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Middleware Upgrades, Maintenance, Troubleshooting UHD
Mobile Apps Development Students/Faculty/Staff
Mobile Device Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Multimedia Consulting Services Faculty/Staff
Multimedia Engineering & Consulting Services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Multimedia Equipment Checkout & Rental Student/Faculty/Staff
Multimedia Equipment Training Faculty/Staff
Music on Hold Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Needs Assessment Faculty/Staff
Network & Web Applications Support Students/Faculty/Staff
Network Capacity Planning Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Network Connections Faculty/Staff
Network Design & Planning (Including DR) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Network Monitoring Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Network Routing Protocol Management (EIGRP Routing) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Network Security Forensic Analysis Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
New System Implementation & Roll Out Students/Faculty/Staff
O365 Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
O365 for Students Client Services Students
One-on-One Training Students/Faculty/Staff
Online Course Redesign Faculty
Online Courses Video Clip Production Student/Faculty
Online Streaming Classes from Studio Student/Faculty
Panopto Video Capture and Catalog Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Password Policy & Expiration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
PC & Printer Repairs (University Wide) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
PC Equipment Moves Faculty/Staff
PC Management Tools Students/Faculty/Staff
PC setups for University events Faculty/Staff
PCard Verification & Processing Staff
Performance Management Students/Faculty/Staff
Personnel Action Request Processing (ePAR) Staff
Physical Access Control to IT Areas Staff
Port Security Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Position Request and Position Funding Process Staff
Poster Printing, Lamination & Mounting Student/Faculty/Staff
Power Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Printing for Students Students
Printing Services (Wired/Wireless) Students/Faculty/Staff
Process Payroll (TRAM) Staff
Process Receiving Reports Staff
Product Research Faculty/Staff
Production Training Faculty/Staff
Project Assessment Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Governance Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Issues Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Management Mentoring & Coaching Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Management Services - Non IT Projects Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Management Support & Mentoring - Non IT Faculty/Staff
Project Quality Assurance Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Recovery Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Reporting Faculty/Staff
Project Resource Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Risk & Issue Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Stakeholder Management Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Startup Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Project Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Purchase Requisitions & Voucher Processing Staff
Quick Reference Guides Students/Faculty/Staff
Receiving and Payment Process Staff
Regulatory Information Security Compliance (FERPA, PCI, PCI, etc.) Student
Remote Access (VPN) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Remote Desktop Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Requirements Development & Documentation Faculty/Staff
Research New Data Center Technology Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Room Scheduling for University Resources (ACAD 700H, ACAD 701, ACAD 700E) Student/Faculty
Salvage / PC Surplus Student/Staff
SAN Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Satellite Lab support Students/Faculty
SC Vouchers Processing Staff
Scheduled Dataset/Reports Faculty/Staff/Other
Script Writing & Instructional Design Faculty
Secure Shell Services (SSH) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Security/OS Updates Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Server & Application Capacity Planning Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Server Buildouts (Windows/Linux) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Server Hardware Upgrades Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Setup & Recording of Hearings & Interviews Staff
SharePoint Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
SharePoint CMS Development Students/Faculty/Staff
SharePoint Workflow Development Students/Faculty/Staff
Site Density Surveys Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Software Installation Students/Faculty/Staff
Software Inventory Students/Faculty/Staff
Software Licensing Acquisition & Maintenance Students/Faculty/Staff
Software Upgrades Students/Faculty/Staff
Special Event Equipment Setup and MM Service Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Specialize Services as Harris County ARMS (Police) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
SSL Certificates Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Staff/Faculty PC Refresh Program Faculty/Staff
Standard Office Suits / Apps Students/Faculty/Staff
State & Federal Reporting Development Staff
Student Laptop Checkout Students
Student Orientation support Student
Students Dataset/Reports Faculty/Staff/Other
Subject-Specific Software Installation Students/Faculty
Supply Paper for IT Labs & e-services Stations Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Supply Toners & Ink for University Printers Student/Faculty/Staff
System Governance Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
System Requirements Review & Analysis Faculty/Staff
Technical & Creative Consultations Faculty/Staff
Technology Service Kiosks Campus-Wide Students/Other
Technology Training & Documentation Student/Faculty/Staff
Telecommunication Consulting & Design Faculty/Staff
Telecommunication Maintenance & Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Telephone Billing & Collection Staff
Telephone Installation & Repair Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Telephony Consulting & Design Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Test & Evaluate New Updates & Ancillary Software Staff
Texas Information Security (TAC 202) Review & Compliance Student/Faculty/Staff
Third Party & Network Application Support Students/Faculty/Staff
Thirds party Telecom Services Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Tier 2 After Hours Blackboard & Instructional Tool Support Student/Faculty/Staff
Time Collection Device Support Staff
Time Servers (NTP) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Tomcat Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Toner Billing & Collection Staff
Training for ERP And Administrative Applications Faculty/Staff
Travel Request Processing Staff
TTLC Conference Room Scheduling Faculty/Staff
UHD & UHS Policies & Procedures Review Staff
UHS & UH Information Security Policy Compliance Student/Faculty/Staff
UHS Legal Hold Other
Unified-Messaging (voicemail) Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Update/Maintain Blackboard LMS Student/Faculty/Staff
Upgrades & Patching Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
User Access Management Students/Faculty/Staff
User Account Request Intake Faculty/Staff/Other
User Data Backup Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Vendor Coordination & Management Faculty/Staff
Video & Audio Duplication Faculty
Video Editing & Production services Faculty/Staff
Video Equipment Inventory & Maintenance Staff
Video Network Engineering, Design, Installation & Support Other
Video Recording- Studio & Location Faculty
Video Streaming & Web Conferencing Staff
Virtual Systems Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Virus and Malware Detection & Removal Students/Faculty/Staff
VM Replication Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
VOIP Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
VOIP, QoS for Voice & Video Networks Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
VPS/DS Web Page Student/Faculty/Staff
Walk-In; Phone; Email; and Chat Support Student/Faculty/Staff
WAN/LAN Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Web Development Students/Faculty/Staff
Web e-Services Development & Support Students/Faculty/Staff
Web-based Training Presentations Faculty/Staff
Webinar Services Students/Faculty/Staff
Webmaster UHD
WiFi Access & Support Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Windows System Administration Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Wireless Controller Configurations Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Wireless Data Plan Coordination Faculty/Staff
Wireless Encryption Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Wireless Network Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Wowza Media Streaming Students/Faculty/Staff/Other
Zoom Video Conferencing Students/Faculty/Staff/Other