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Reserving Equipment from IT Surplus Store

When you buy a computer from the IT Surplus Store, you first must reserve the item, and then pay for it at myUHD.

Instructions to Reserve a Computer

  1. Visit Online IT Surplus Store.
  2. Login using your network credentials and click Continue.
  3. Select a location where you would like to pick up your equipment, and click Continue.
  4. Review the available equipment, select what you would like to purchase, and click Continue.
  5. Review your selection, and click the add to cart button.
  6. If you wish, update the quantity you would like to purchase. Then click Continue.
    Note: There is a limit of 3 computers you can purchase.
  7. Verify and confirm your order by checking off the agreement box, and click Reserve Items.
  8. Once you reserve your equipment, you will receive a GatorMail confirmation of your reservation with instructions on how to pay for your equipment.

The University of Houston System charges a processing fee on all credit card transactions.

This processing fee is...

  • assessed on all credit card brands.
  • not greater than the University's applicable merchant discount rate for credit card transactions.
  • assessed to Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, PrePaid Cards, and Check Cards.
  • assessed on all credit card transactions that occur online or in person at the Cashier's Office.