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Sex Trafficking Conference: Hidden In Plain Sight

Sex Trafficking Conference: Hidden In Plain Sight

This is a past Fall'2022 event.

Sex Trafficking: Hidden in Plain Sight was an extremely successful three day conference. Please click on the title below to watch that evening’s presentation. Thank you to everyone that joined us, both virtually and in person. And, thank you to all the guest speakers for coming out and informing us about sex trafficking.

  • Tuesday, October 18th, “What Really is Sex Trafficking?” with assorted topics such as what grooming is, who is at risk, addressing the demand for sex buying, and establishing self-care. There will be a Myths and Facts segment at the end during Q&A.

  • Wednesday, October 19th, “Meeting the Needs of Survivors” with assorted topics such as economic empowerment, programs for at-risk youth and adults, prosecuting traffickers and buyers, and a survivor panel. 

  • Thursday, October 20th, “Social Justice : Where Do We Go From Here?” This evening will showcase the work of three local nonprofits working to advocate for legislative change at the state level.

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Images from the event are below: