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Human Trafficking - Victimology CJ3316

CJ Volunteer Event

Volunteer Event with Criminal Justice Victimology Class 

Spring, CJ 3316 Victimology: 7:00am – 8:15 am. Often students are given extra points if they are willing to complete a community project. However, these students received no extra points and asked for no special accolades. They quietly collected boxes of products for victims of human trafficking. They secured donations from the loss prevention officers at Target, small business owners, and churches in Houston. They spent their own money buying simple items we all take for granted, soap, shampoo, lotion, feminine products, and more. They performed a beautiful act of kindness that will help many human trafficking victims in Houston.  As one student said, “extra credit is great but giving of myself is a much greater reward."

Director of Victim Services for Harris Co. Constable Precinct One:

Kathyrn Griffin


Student Interviews: