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Professional Society of Criminal Justice Students

The Professional Society of Criminal Justice Students is committed to promoting the academic, professional and social success of its members. You can join PSCJS as early as your freshmen year at UHD. 


  • Provide criminal justice career resources
  • Promote the capabilities and qualifications of criminal justice students to criminal justice agencies.
  • Create a support system between graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Compliment classroom learning.
  • Provide opportunities for community service.
  • Develop a sense of school unity and pride through campus involvement.


  • Complete and submit application
  • Pay $25 dues for semester
  • Abide by PSCJS Constitution and by-laws
  • Attend club meetings
  • Participate in at least one club event (non-social) during semester
  • Perform 10 hours of community service during semester
  • Have and maintain 2.0 GPA
  • Be in good standing in the University
  • Follow University requirements for student organization membership



Beth Gilmore, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Internship/Field Experience Coordinator and Career Advisor
Telephone: 713-221-2757