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Field Experience - SPAN 4380

Field Experience for Spanish Majors - SPAN 4380

Field Experience in Spanish is an internship credit for students in the Spanish bachelor's degree program. The customizable program gives students practical experience and networking opportunities in the local community.

Program Requirements

Students must meet the following prerequisites before enrolling in the Field Experience course:

  • Complete 60 cumulative credit hours, with a minimum of 6 hours earned at UHD.
  • Attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Declare a major or a double-major in Spanish at UHD
  • Complete SPAN 3320  (SPAN 3302 is no longer offered but if a student has completed it, it will meet this requirement as well)

How to Apply

1. Finding an internship:

  • Meet or e-mail with the Spanish Field Experience Coordinator  (Dr. Rey Romero,, 713-226-5549) and ask for the Field Experience Application form for HHL.
  • Research local institutions and inquire directly about current or potential internships. There is a list of potential organizations that is kept in N950 The Humanities Lab. Ask Dr. Albert DeJesús to see it.
  • Majors or double-majors in Spanish have the opportunity to do their internship in Costa Rica. Students must meet with the Spanish Program Coordinator to plan and discuss this opportunity.
  • Attend the Spanish Internship Fair if applicable. It is usually in October.
  • Visit Career Services if needed for information about potential placements.
  • International students must receive approval from the Coordinator of International Admissions before accepting an internship.
  • Students who are minors in Spanish-English Translation must meet with Dr. Reynaldo Romero and receive his approval of the internship first. Then the students must meet with the Spanish Program Coordinator. 

2. Submitting your proposal to the degree coordinator for approval:

  • Make an appointment and meet with the Spanish Program Coordinator and bring your completed Field Experience Form, a print copy of your unofficial UHD transcript, and a resumé. Students must turn in all three items to the Spanish Program Coordinator.
  • An internship must:
  • Be relevant to your degree program and future goals.
  • Take place in a professional environment (not a customer service position).
  • Not be a position in which you work for relatives or a position you have previously held at a particular institution.

3. Enrolling in SPAN 4380: Field Experience in Spanish:

  • Once the Spanish Program Coordinator has approved your application, a copy will be made for the department's files and the original will be sent to Career Services.
  • Student will be granted access to SPAN 4380 on Banner and will be able to register for the class.
  • Student must then register and pay for this three-credit course.
  • Spanish majors who are also minors in Spanish-English Translation must register in the section of SPAN 4380 that is taught by Dr. Reynaldo Romero, Coordinator for the Minor in Spanish-English Translation.
  • Spanish majors who are not minors in Spanish-English Translation must register for the section of SPAN 4380 that is taught by the Spanish Program Coordinator.


The degree coordinator and on-site supervisor will evaluate your performance throughout the internship experience. You will earn a Satisfactory (S) grade for the course if you meet these requirements:

  • Complete 120 hours of satisfactory work, as verified by the site supervisor.
  • Attend and actively participate in all required meetings
  • Complete and submit 10 journal entries, written in Spanish (one page per week of internship, chronicling your experiences), on the Blackboard page for the class.
  • Submit an updated resumé created by working with Career Services, on the Blackboard page for the class.
  • Submit the online approval of the resumé by Career Services on the Blackboard page for the class.
  • Your on-site supervisor submits the evaluation form evaluating your performance to the Spanish Degree Coordinator on time.