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Spanish Portfolio Information

Spanish Portfolio Information

The Spanish portfolio is a thoughtfully selected, arranged, and presented record of a student’s most significant intellectual accomplishments.

The body of work reflects on the student’s development throughout the Spanish Program. In the final semester before graduation, students must select the best of these samples to comprise a portfolio that reflects their interests and the best work that they can show potential employers, and which satisfies the SPAN 4098. As the work in the portfolios is also used for program assessment, students may not take SPAN 4098 before their last semester at UHD.

Students must also submit a reflective essay on their experience in the Spanish Program and work with Career Services to revise and create an updated resumé. All work submitted must be done in Spanish except for the resumé.

The portfolio is done fully online through Blackboard. Students must submit all work online through Blackboard while they are enrolled in SPAN 4098 Spanish Portfolio.

While not a part of the portfolio, students must also complete the Spanish Major Exit Survey and the Spanish Major Exit Interview in order to get credit for SPAN 4098. SPAN 4098 does not carry any credit hours and is not used to compute GPA.

Portfolios submitted by April 1 qualify to enter the Best Spanish Portfolio Contest. The winner of the contest will receive a prize and an award certificate and recognition of excellence.


Each portfolio should include these elements:

  • All papers written following MLA Style and in academic Spanish
  • A brief cover letter addressed to the Spanish degree coordinator, including student’s current contact information and highlighting a few significant features of the portfolio
  • A reflective essay
  • One research paper of at least 8 complete pages with in-text citations and a bibliography or list of works cited following MLA Style ( Students cannot use the work done in preparation for presentations in SPAN 3320 unless it has been substantially revised and converted into a research paper).
  • Four to five writing samples (totaling 20 pages written in academic Spanish, the 20 page total includes the research paper)
  • An updated resumé that has been approved by Career Services
  • Audio-visual samples (optional)

Reflective Essay

The reflective essay must meet follow these guidelines:

  • Give a comprehensive analysis of other essays and presentations in the portfolio
  • Explain which major skills are evident in the chosen works and how these skills have prepared the student to succeed professionally
  • Identify particular cultural, literary or linguistic theories which are exhibited throughout the portfolio A sample reflective essay will be available to students.

Writing Samples

The writing section of the portfolio must adhere to these guidelines:

  • Select four to five essays (a total of about 20 pages) which represent your skill at cultural, linguistic, or literary analysis
  • Ideally, works should come from at least three different upper-level Spanish courses at UHD
  • Label each essay with your name, a title, date of composition, and the course code
  • Use MLA Style for in-text citations and the bibliography or works cited list
  • Edit and revise essays if necessary taking into account instructor’s comments and the student’s new insights

Please note: The Spanish Portfolio Blackboard page is not permanent. For this reason, students are encouraged to download and save a copy of their Portfolio so that they may be able to use it during their job search.