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Student Creative Works

2023 Calavertias / Day of the Dean Contest Winners

First Place Winner 2023 - Louise Melo

Concurso de Calaveritas 2023:

Primer Lugar

Yo tenía una clase

por Louise Melo


Yo tenía una clase

¿Por qué no fui hoy?


¡Que estresada estoy!

‘Oye” me dice mi amiga

“¿No recuerdas el meme de hoy?

¿Cuál meme de hoy?

Le digo

“El meme de hoy. Hasta te moriste hoy.”

¿Me morí hoy?

¿Como puede ser?

“¡Te moriste de risa!”

Me dijo


Que calavera estoy.

Second Place Winner 2023 - Hortensia Contreras

Concurso de Calaveritas 2023:

Segundo Lugar


Día de los Muertos

por Hortensia Contreras


Ahí viene el agua

Por la ladera,

Y se me moja

Mi calavera.

La Muerte calaca

Ni gorda, ni flaca

La Muerte casera,

Pegada con cera.

Third Place Winner 2023 - Luis Luna

Concurso de Calaveritas 2023:

Tercer Lugar


Death of the Pencil

por Luis Luna


There the pencil lays on the desk

He was pulled out of the backpack away from the rest.

He did not know why

Was it his turn to be used up and die?

Why was he chosen

He laid on the top of the desk frozen.

Feeling all alone

He wanted to be with his friends in the backpack at home.

His lead was being broken all day he was confused

Little did he know he was used and abused.

He wondered when this nightmare would end

At the end of the day all he wanted was his friends.

He finally met his maker at the end of day

It was a metal blade.

He became so short and began to fade

When there was nothing left to sharpen, the pencil got thrown away.


2022 Calaveritas / Day of the Dead Contest Winners

1st Place Winner
Maria Carrera - Calaveritas Content 2022 (pdf)

2nd Place Winner 
Alexandria Francetic - Calaveritas Contest 2022 (pdf)

Honorable Mention 
Edgar Chavez - Honorable Mention - Calaveritas Contest 2022 (pdf)

Dia de los Enamorados Poetry Contest Winners - Spring 2022

Concurso de Poesía sobre el Día de los Enamorados Ganadora del Concurso de 2022 (Spring 2022)
'Duele el amor' - de Liliana Gámez (pdf)