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Field Experience for Spanish-English Professional Translation Minor

Field Experience for Spanish-English Professional Translation Minor

The Spanish-English Professional Translation Minor and the Spanish-English Interpreting Minor require a field experience course. This course can be SPAN 4380 or, with permission of the minor coordinator, it can be substituted by field experience courses from other disciplines (CJ 4380, TCOM 4380, SOS 4380, etc.) if the student uses Spanish, including translation, interpreting, public speaking, and other Spanish language assistance during a significant portion of the field experience. All students must adhere to the general requirements for field experience:

  • Complete 60 cumulative credit hours, with a minimum of 6 hours earned at UHD.
  • Attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Submit a CV and a copy of My Grades or unofficial transcript showing current hours and GPA

In addition, the student must:

  • Have obtained a grade of A or B in SPAN 3322 or SPAN 3323 accordingly.
  • Declare a translation minor, an interpreting minor, or a Spanish B.A.
  • Consult with the minor coordinator to discuss an optimal match for the student’s field experience
  • Undergo a rigorous interview process with the field experience site supervisor. Please note that no field experience site is guaranteed, and that field experience supervisors will consider your interest in the field, your grades in interpreting and translation courses, as well as other qualities such as punctuality, professionalism, ability to collaborate with others, and time availability.
  • Please note that most field experience sites require 120 hours contact hours, but that some may require up to 150 hours. Training and orientation hours count towards field experience hours.
  • It is advisable that the student considers a field experience course towards his/her last semester in the program, in order to maximize the application of his/her knowledge in translation and interpreting in a professional setting.

Translation and Interpreting Field Experience Sites

The following translation and interpreting field experience sites are of special interest to translation and interpreting minors, as well as Spanish B.A. students who have taken these courses:

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON LAW CENTER – CLINICAL PROGRAMS  The student will be incorporated into the legal team and work with law professors and law students in pro bono cases. Most cases will involve immigration matters, although some may also include other civil cases. There are also opportunities to visit courtrooms and detention centers. Student will assist in translating documents, telephone interpreting, interpreting during consultations, and other Spanish language assistance.

MODI LAW FIRM  Voted as the top lawyer for 2016 by Houstonia Magazine, Attorney Susham Modi works primarily with immigration cases. The student will learn how to prepare a legal brief and other paralegal activities. The student will also translate documents, serve as an interpreter (including telephone interpreting), and aid in outreach presentations to the Hispanic community.

HARRIS COUNTY JUVENILE PROBATION DEPARTMENT  Located in Downtown Houston, a few blocks from UHD, the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department is committed to the protection of the public, utilizing intervention strategies that are community-based, family-oriented and least restrictive while emphasizing responsibility and accountability of both parent and child. The student will work closely on a project in Spanish, shadow an interpreter during consultations and trials, and prepare Spanish language materials and translations. This site requires 150 hours.

NUEVA CASA DE AMIGOS (WIC CENTER) This site is located near UHD, however the student has the option of moving to a site closer to their neighborhood or to another location where Spanish language assistance is needed. The student will aid in the preparation of Spanish language documents, translation, front desk interpreting, telephone interpreting, editing, and other related activities such as patient navigation.

HOUSTON METROPOLITAN RESEARCH CENTER – MEXICAN-AMERICAN COLLECTIONS The research center is located at the Julie Ideson Building in Downtown Houston. That student will collaborate closely with an archivist in preparing the documentation of Houston’s Mexican American History. This includes the transcription, translation, and linguistic analysis of tapes, cassettes, and other media.

UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON-DOWNTOWN – STUDENT TRANSITION PROGRAM  This field experience is located on campus, and it provides an excellent opportunity for students to be part of the UHD experience. Students will aid in the translation of several recruitment and enrollment documents, including pamphlets, videos, websites, and other media.