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Annual Spanish Student Awards

At the end of the Spring semester of every academic year, the Spanish Faculty review the work submitted by students who have completed either the Spanish major and/or the Translation minor during that year. Three awards are presented during the College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHSS) Awards Ceremony to students whom the faculty deem deserve the following merits: 1) Excellence in Upper-level Spanish, 2) Best student in Translation Program, and 3) Best Portfolio in Spanish. The following are the award winners for previous years:

Excellence in Upper-Level Spanish: María Carrera
Best Student in Translation Program: Vanessa Bandel
Best Portfolio in Spanish: María Carrera

Excellence in Upper-Level Spanish
: Mariana de la Garza
Best Student in Translation Program: Milagro Rodríguez Mejía
Best Portfolio in Spanish: AnaElisa Casasola

Excellence in Upper-Level Spanish: AnaElisa Casasola
Best Student in Translation Program: Karla Rosa
Best Portfolio in Spanish: Johnathan York

Excellence in Upper-level Spanish:  Cinthia Mendoza
Best Spanish Translation Student: Renata Velázquez-Llorente


Excellence in Upper-level Spanish:  Joselyn Villagrán
Best Spanish translation Student: Leslie Esparza
Best Portfolio in Spanish: Joselyn Villagrán