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Minor in Spanish-English Translation

The minor in Spanish-English Professional Translation allows students majoring in professional writing, Spanish, communication, or criminal justice to develop skills that will better serve the Spanish-speaking community. According to the 2011 US Census report, approximately forty percent of Houston’s population consists of Spanish speakers.

Students can earn a minor in one of three Spanish translation tracks – general, medical, or legal. Spanish-English translation minor students will improve their vocabulary and writing skills in both languages.

Students who complete the minor program will have the ability to:

1. Identify, explain, and analyze legal, medical, and/or literary texts in English and/or Spanish, especially those structures in the text essential for an accurate translation.

2. Produce high quality, accurate, and professional translation of documents in English and/or in Spanish.

3. Identify and explain problems or knowledge gaps in translating from one language to another and acquire strategies and resources to resolve such issues.

4. Utilize technological, online, and other resources to improve, verify, and refine English-Spanish and Spanish-English translation.

5. Apply and practice these translation skills in an internship setting, especially in the medical or legal fields, where they can gain practical knowledge and experience while providing service to the Houston community.

Dr. Rey Romero, Minor Coordinator

More Information

Worksheets for Tracks (PDF)