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CLS Latinx Experience


“Latinx Experience” in an initiative by the Center for Latino Studies (CLS) that aims to engage University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) students with talks, seminars, conferences and presentations in culture, art and current affairs created by, for and about the Latinx/a/o/e community. CLS will identify opportunities for students to attend and/or participate in events outside of UHD that create avenues for collaboration, exposure to alternative job markets, and discussion on related fields. Students accepted to participate will join CLS Directive and be provided with entrance fees and lunch when applicable.

Participation Criteria to be considered:

Participation is limited as outlined. For consideration submit items 1 – 6 to:

  1. Event you want to participate in
  2. Enrollment in one of the CLS Courses Focused on Latino Studies (current or past): SPAN 3324, SPAN 3340, SPAN 3342, SPAN 3385, SPAN 4342, DRA 3301, CRS 4390, SOC 2319, SOC 4309, COMM 3313, HIST 1316, HIST 3318, HIST 3308, HIST 4390, LATS 1301, HUM 3310, ENG 3322, ENG 3340, ENG 3346, ENG 3362, POLS 4322, BED 4301
  3. Currently enrolled at UHD
  4. CHSS Major
  5. CHSS Minor
  6. Statement of Intent on how this experience will impact your education, professional and personal life (300 words).

Upcoming Events

“Storytelling in the 21st Century” 
Capacity: 3 – 4 students
April 20, 2024

Transportation: 7:00 AM UHD and back at 9:00 PM 
Lunch / Dinner Provided
A&M University, College Station

The Media & Gaming Lab at A&M University hosts community artists and facilitators presenting their approaches to building community knowledge and creative works.

The Media & Gaming Lab “Storytelling in the 21st Century” conference will highlight academic programs in the region that use alternative pedagogical models and the students who have benefited from such programs. Join us in learning how gaming rooms at universities, art, theatre, graphic novels and “Norteño” bands have to teach us about higher education.

Previous Events

“The Power of BIPOC POP Media” 
Capacity: 3 – 4 students

March 8 (actual conference dates March 7 – 8)
Transportation: 7:00 AM UHD and back at 9:00 PM 
Lunch / Dinner Provided
UT Austin

Latinx Pop Lab™ is a creative and knowledge generating space that bridges campus with BIPOC creative critical local, regional, and national communities.

BIPOC Pop 2024 will bring together creatives, scholars, and industry leaders working in the comics, gaming, animation, and multimedia arts for 3 days to focus on strengthening community through the sharing of cutting edge creative critical knowledge making in the graphic storytelling arts.