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​​Community Partners' Internships

About CLS Community Partners’ Internships

In an effort to support our mission to engage students and faculty with community minded initiatives, CLS partners with entities that serve Latino communities or provide services and programs for underserved populations. UHD students will find in these collaborations opportunities to participate in internships and volunteer work that exposes them to real-world work environments. The program is designed to foster a student’s professional skillset, academic engagement, sense of purpose, and personal growth.

Current Internships / Volunteer Work

Latinitas Internships

​Latinitas is an Austin-based institution founded in 2002 by Laura Donnelly and Ana Rascon. It is a non-profit 501c(3) organization focused on empowering students to innovate through media and technology.

  • Latinitas is dedicated to serving and empowering underrepresented communities.
  • Latinitas aims to bridge the gap in access to education and careers in technology and achievement of wom​en in media and STEM fields.
  • Latinitas builds future leaders in STEAM who advocate for themselves and their communities.

​Internship Criteria:

Latinitas is looking for interns to work remotely in the areas described below. Each internship covers a semester’s term. To successfully complete an internship:

  • Candidate most comply with work, rules and regulations as set forth by Latinitas.
  • Candidate must complete the number of hours as agreed to with Latinitas.
  • The usual engagement calls for 10 hr. / week, but other arrangements can be worked out with Latinitas Media Content Department.
  • Published work (printed, audio, video) with Latinitas will have the participant’s name as author or co-author.
  • Latinitas will conduct an end of engagement evaluation to assert completion of Internship.
  • Internships can be renewed for future semesters under the discretion of Latinitas and CLS.
  • Upon successful completion of Internship CLS will award the participant $300.

Positions available:

Magazine Writer (2 interns)

Latinitas Magazine is on the hunt for a skilled Magazine Writer fluent in both Spanish and English to join their team in writing articles en Español. This semester-long remote internship offers a stipend and a chance to contribute to the voice of Latina youth. As a College Intern for this groundbreaking digital magazine, you’ll dive into a wide range of topics that matter to Latina teens today. From fashion to mentoring, entertainment to wellness, this role covers it all with a Latina power theme. Your responsibilities include crafting and submitting feature stories, collaborating with edits, attending editorial meetings, generating article ideas, reaching out to potential interviewees and events, conducting interviews, and uploading articles through WordPress. If you’re a motivated and creative individual eager to enhance your writing, editing, and publishing skills, this is the opportunity for you. Join Latinitas Magazine in amplifying the voices of young Latinas while gaining valuable experience in the world of media and communication.

Graphic Designer (1 intern)

Latinitas is excited to extend an invitation to an aspiring Graphic Designer intern who is ready to immerse themselves in a world of creativity, culture, and empowerment. As a Graphic Designer intern with Latinitas, you will have the chance to contribute your artistic flair to our mission of amplifying Latinx voices and stories. Working closely with our experienced design team, you'll have the opportunity to develop your design skills, refine your artistic techniques, and learn about visual communication in a meaningful context. Your designs will play a crucial role in capturing the essence of our organization and communicating our values to a diverse audience. This internship is not just about learning the ins and outs of design; it's about making a difference by using your creativity to inspire and uplift. If you're a passionate and driven individual who wants to make a positive impact through design, Latinitas welcomes you to join us in creating visuals that resonate and empower. Your journey as a Graphic Designer intern with Latinitas is poised to be both artistically fulfilling and socially impactful.

Video Content Editor (1 intern)

Latinitas is actively seeking a skilled and creative Video Content intern to join their passionate team. As a Video Content Editor intern you will play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of Latinitas by bringing stories and experiences to life through engaging visual content. Your expertise in editing, keen eye for detail, and ability to craft compelling stories will contribute to the organization's mission of fostering confidence, leadership, and self-expression. This role not only offers the opportunity to refine and showcase your editing prowess but also to make a meaningful impact on a diverse and vibrant community. If you are driven by a desire to amplify underrepresented voices and drive positive change through the art of storytelling. Join Latinitas in this exciting journey of creativity, empowerment, and advocacy, where every edit you make holds the potential to inspire and uplift a generation.

To Apply

Contact Dr. DeJesús-Rivera (​) and provide the title of the internship desired, Statement of Intention (300 words max) explaining the impact the position will have on the candidate’s education and the candidate’s strengths as related to the position, plus current CV.