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male UHD student reading a book standing in an aisle of the UHD library

Department of English

The Department of English offers a wide variety of courses designed to improve students’ reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in a variety of intellectual and professional contexts and enhance their ability to analyze literature and culture. The Department is home to undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for careers in both the public and private sectors, including education, law, professional/technical writing, web design, journalism, and publishing, as well as any field that requires well-developed writing and communication skills. Degrees earned in the Department of English open doors to exciting and productive careers and allow students to engage in conversations with the recent and distant past.​

Student Opportunities

UHD Dateline Newspaper​​
UHD's official student newspaper offers the opportunity to train students for careers and to instruct them in leadership roles.​
The Bayou Review​
The Bayou Review offers internship opportunities​ to learn the inner workings of running a literary magazine.


Professor Godwin Y. Agboka Receives​ Two 2023 CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Awards​. Read more about Dr. Agboka's Awards​

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