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Dr. Joe Sample

Dr. Joe Sample

Dr. Joe Sample

Associate Professor Technical CommunicationEnglish


Joe Sample began teaching at UHD in 2010. He is the Director of the Master of Science in Technical Communication program and previously served as the degree and internship coordinator for the Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing from 2015-2018. He is also the Faculty Advisor for The Dateline, the university's student newspaper. Sample teaches undergraduate courses in technical communication, journalism, and advertising, and graduate courses in foundations of technical communication, intercultural communication, plain language, and public relations writing.

Degrees Earned

Ph.D., Department of English, Iowa State University

M.A., East Asian Studies, University of Minnesota

M.A., Department of English, Texas A&M University

B.S., Department of English, Slippery Rock University

Courses Taught

  • ENG 1302: Composition II
  • ENG 3305: Essay Writing
  • ENG 3340: Cultural Criticism (study abroad in Taiwan)
  • TCOM 3302: Business and Technical Report Writing
  • TCOM 3333: Writing for the Media
  • TCOM 3334: Writing for Presentation
  • TCOM 3340: Publications Workshop
  • TCOM 3371: Public Relations Writing
  • TCOM 3373: Introduction to Advertising
  • TCOM 4322: Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading
  • TCOM 4360: Publications Workshop
  • TCOM 5304: Foundations of Professional & Technical Communication
  • TCOM 5340: Project Management
  • TCOM 6310: Intercultural & World Communication
  • TCOM 6324: Writing in the Professions Using Plain Language
  • TCOM 6303: Public Relations and Media Management

Experience Qualifications

Joe Sample has a Ph.D. in English with a specialization in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. His research focuses on Sino-Orientalism in nineteenth century nonfiction writing with particular emphasis on comic journalism. He has published studies on the writings of Lin Yutang, who was known as the "Chinese Master of Humor" and the "Interpreter of the East to the West." Professor Sample worked for several years as a writer and editor in Taiwan, and he has twice taken UHD students to Taiwan (Taipei and Tainan) on study tours. He is a former Coordinator of the BSTC program and the current Director of the Master of Science in Technical Communication. He also serves as the faculty advisor for The Dateline, the university student-run newspaper. He teaches undergraduate courses in technical communication, journalism, and advertising, and graduate courses in plain language, public relations, and intercultural communication.

More Information


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