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Student Testimonial-Courtney Weir, Accident Fund

Courtney Weir photo"Insurance is an amazing industry to be in. It is a fact of life, it’s everywhere and people will always need it. I was lucky enough to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a workers compensation underwriter just like she has been for 22 years. Insurance is a dynamic industry where innovation and development of new ideas and products are highly appreciated. There is plenty of room for growth and advancement. The sky is the limit. It also is ever changing and evolving. I learn new things every day. The best thing about the insurance industry in my opinion is the community. It is very diverse with professionals of all ages and backgrounds. I consider the insurance community a big family that works together and supports each other. I have worked under and been mentored by some of the greatest in my field and it has truly been an honor. If you are looking for a stable career with great pay, benefits and career advancement insurance is the place to be!" - Courtney Wier, Accident Fund