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Student Testimonial Amy Craig, Craig & Leicht

Amy Craig"I started my insurance career at a pretty young age.  I was separating policies after school when I was in 5th grade.  My parents owned a wholesale insurance company, so I was raised in this business.  I worked for them on and off until I left for college.  I returned to the company when I graduated and have been doing it full time ever since.  I was in the unique position to see every aspect of the company and perform every role.  I answered the phones, worked in the file room, and then ultimately managed the company.  I was giving an opportunity to open my own business doing the same thing.  My previous experience gave me the ability to be able to do everything from taking out the trash to hiring people. 

In 5th grade I definitely wasn't saying "I want to sell commercial insurance when I grow up" but now I can't imagine doing anything else.  My job allows me to see and learn something new every day.  I look at accounts from all types of businesses, so I get to learn a little bit about all different types of industries. There are so many different aspects of Insurance and Risk Management.  Every company and most people need some form of insurance at some point so it's an industry that effects almost everyone in the world.  

This industry is full of opportunity.   If you put it the work, it can be very rewarding.    It has afforded me the ability to help support my household, travel to some pretty great places and most importantly, work with some amazing people.  I'm fortunate to be able to say that I really do enjoy what I do for a living."