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RMI Speaker Series

One of the most interesting topics Mr. Morrison touched on was how crucial cybersecurity insurance is becoming for both small and large companies, particularly when you look at the cost savings being offered. The keynote speaker also linked this to his own career, sharing key insights as an IT Consultant in the corporate world.

How Cybersecurity Insurance Will Drive Technology Innovation In The Future?

This type of insurance covers claims from cyberattacks that disrupt business operations, cause data loss or theft, unauthorized use of computers, and fraud or misrepresentation. Many business owners are not aware of it or have a plan to manage it. What should businesses look for when buying cybersecurity insurance? How can it help? James Morrison, National Cyber Security Specialist with Intelisys will explain what cybersecurity insurance is and why businesses need to be prepared.

University of Houston-Downtown
Online Virtual Presentation
Thurs, October 20th 9AM - 10:30AM CDT