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Student Supply Chain Management Association SSCMA

We provide fellow students with information, knowledge, and connection, to help them expand their skills, networking and opportunities in the supply chain industry. 

SSCMA and its leadership group add value to your education in the following ways: 

  • Guest speakers - We invite guest speakers to give us insight and information about the job market and share their personal experiences in the industry, as well as to help us get a better grasp of potential opportunities and what we can expect once we graduate. 
  • Workshops - We organize workshops to teach us the critical hard skills needed to create a competitive advantage in the workplace. 
  • Networking opportunities - SSCMA can help you build or expand your network and personal branding in the supply chain management industry. 
  • Much more!

Contact Us
Students who are interested in becoming SSCMA members, as well as employers who wish to become involved, should contact any one of the organization’s leaders or the advisors listed below.

SSCMA Leaders and Advisors

Nico Werderman Nico Werderman

Jess Love Jess Love
Vice President

Kervin Tran Kervin Tran

Gilberto Marmolejo Gilberto Marmolejo
Corporate Relations

Tamara Twiner Tamara Twiner
PresidentCorporate Relations