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International Business Association IBA


The International Business Association (IBA) is a registered student organization at UHD. Although membership in the organization is open to all majors, students in International Business (majors and minors) are strongly encouraged to be a member of this organization.

 The IBA offers volunteer opportunities within and outside the university, conducts educational field trips, brings guest speakers from business leaders, public officials, community leaders, and foreign dignitaries and diplomats. It also facilitates inter-cultural exchanges among students and provides opportunities to meet alumni, business leaders, and public officials and foreign diplomats and dignitaries. 



IBA Leadership Team IBA Team Leadership  


Leadership Team

President: Raquel Esqueda 

Vice President:Mirella Hernandez 

Marketing: Sara Chavez

International Communication: Veronica Groserita 

Internal Affairs: Anayensi Rendon  

Cultural Chairs: Oscar Rivera

Internal Affairs: Andy Garcia 

Secretary: Suheyli Sanches  

How to Join

Reaching out to Anayansi Rendon at  713-679-4724 or by is the best way to start the new member process.

IBA Membership Application