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Association of Latino Professionals for America

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Develop our members to become leaders by providing them the necessary skills to succeed in a collaborative and professional environment so they can realize their full potential.



Dr. Zahir Latheef

Dr. Zahir Latheef-Advisor 

Kimberly Castillo

Kimberly Castillo-President 

Suheyli Sanches

Suheyli Sanches- Vice President

Eduardo Gonzalez

Eduardo Gonzalez- Chief Financial President

Victoria Hernandez

Victoria Hernandez Lara-Director of Marketing

Gloria Guicol

Gloria Guicol-Director of Administration

Rahul Gopalan

Rahul Gopalan-Director of Corporate Relations

Tala Mahmood

Tala Mahmood-Administration Committee

Rhina Delcid Barraza

Rhina Delcid Barraza-Finance Committee

Denilson Fernandez

Denilson Fernandez-Finance Committee

Akima Terrones

Akima Terrones-Corporate Relations Committee

Noemi Chirinos

Noemi Chirinos-Corporate Relations Committee

Juana Macias

Juana Macias-Marketing Committee

Karen Banda

Karen Banda-Marketing Committee

Miguel Morales

Miguel Morales-Marketing Committee

Erick Ardon

Erick Ardon-Finance Committee


$25 for new and returning members

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