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Cybersecurity Course Descriptions

SM 6365

Cyber Crime and Computer Forensics

This course is designed to expose students to advanced concepts in computer forensic analysis. The methods of collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of digital evidence will be presented to properly conduct a computer forensics investigation.

SM 6366

Cybersecurity Program Design & Operations

This course focuses on the foundations of a risk based cyber security program. Students will focus on applying threat, vulnerability, risk analysis in order to manage an organization’s IT security program.

SM 6368

Information Security

Focused on Data Security This course focuses on treating an organization’s data as an asset that must be protected, ways to protect that data as an asset and the impact of data breach and/or theft of that data.

SM 6369

Cyber Networked Security

This course focuses on the security risks related to an organization’s enterprise network connections to the external web and implementing technology to mitigate the identified security risks.

SM 6374

Organizational Resilience

This course examines the role of business continuity as part of a comprehensive, threat based, risk management strategy by looking at standards, strategies, crisis management, employee orientation, plan development and testing.

SM 6375

Cyber Operations

This course focuses on identifying and using up-to-date intelligence in order to perform risk analysis, continuous monitoring and threat assessments to maintain security and reduce system vulnerabilities on a day to day basis.