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Resource: Technology Requirements Guide

tech IconResource Technology Guide 

Learning Continuity Alignment:

LC IconLC 2: Normalize Digital Learning 

Introduce and normalize use of the LMS and key digital learning tools. 

LC1: Provide clear instructions detailing the purpose of tasks and success criteria for assignments and activities. 

LC IconQuality Matters Alignment:  

QM 1.1: Instructions make clear how to get started and where to find various course components.  

QM 1.2: Learners are introduced to the purpose and structure of the course.  

QM 1.3: Communication guidelines for the course are clearly stated. 

QM 1.5: Minimum technology requirements for the course are clearly stated, and information on how to obtain the technologies is provided.  

QM 1.6: Technical skills and digital information literacy skills expected of the learner are clearly stated.  

QM 1.8: The self-introduction by the instructor is welcoming and is available in the course site.  

QM 1.9: Learners have the opportunity to introduce themselves.



Within the "Start Here!" Module, students are presented with essential information. This includes details about significant campus resources available to support their educational pursuits, a discussion of ethical considerations in their studies, and an introduction to the technological tools that will be integral to their success in the course.  An introduction to the course that is dedicated to course technology not only provides a list of necessary tools but also delves into the "why" behind their usage. This contextual understanding helps students appreciate the relevance of these technologies to their learning experience. Alongside this, there are clear and accessible how-to guides, complete with relevant links, to ensure that students can easily navigate and utilize the required technology. Resources like this help accommodate students who may be new to UHD or college life.  


Pauline Blaimont, Ph.D. | Lecturer, Biology
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