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Resource Guidelines for Digital Communication

digicomm Icon  Resource Guidelines for Digital Communication

Learning Continuity Alignment:

LC IconLC 4: Facilitate Discourse 

Resource Page with Communication Guidelines

LC IconQuality Matters Alignment:  

QM 5.3: The instructor’s plan for interacting with learners during the course is clearly stated. 

QM 5.4: The requirements for learning interaction are clearly stated. 



Student disengagement is a major issue facing higher education, with students, particularly those in online courses, reporting increased loneliness and disconnection from their peers. One effective approach to address this challenge is to establish stronger rapport between students and professors. Factors such as course clarity, clear expectations, and active instructor participation have been shown to correlate with positive student outcomes. Instructors who prioritize fostering connectedness within the course environment can create a more welcoming atmosphere. To achieve this, instructors should develop a clear communication plan that outlines their expectations, the methods of communication, and the timing of interactions. Additionally, instructors should model the desired communication strategies for students, setting a tone of engagement and inclusivity. Initiatives like early welcome messages and active participation on discussion boards can effectively establish a positive course environment. 


Travis Crone, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Course Element Example


Travis Crone, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Faculty Demonstration

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