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Resource: Assignment Guide

OER IconResource: Assignment and Grading Guide

Learning Continuity Alignment:

LC IconLC 1: Communicate Transparently

Clear instructions detailing the purpose, task(s), and success criteria for assignments and activities.

LC IconQM1:

Instructions make clear how to get started and where to find various course components.



This resource prioritizes clear communication as a critical element in effective course design. It specifically focuses on transparently conveying the “why” behind class assignments and grading procedures, rather than a deep dive into the precise grading mechanisms. The purpose is to align assignment structures with big picture goals, using plain language and real-world objectives instead of formal course learning outcomes. This approach can be applied to a variety of courses, ensuring that the grading system serves the course's purpose without unnecessary complexity, ultimately aiming for clarity and simplicity in guiding students through the learning process. 


Andrew Pavelich, Ph.D. | Professor of Philosophy
Course Element Example


Andrew Pavelich, Ph.D. | Professor of Philosophy
Faculty Demonstration

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