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Introductions w/ Digital Tools

digital tools IconIntroductions with Digital Tools 

Learning Continuity Alignment:

LC IconLC 2: Normalize Digital Learning 

Introduce and normalize use of the LMS and key digital learning tools. 

LC IconQuality Matters Alignment:  

QM 1.8: The self-introduction by the instructor is professional and is available online.  

QM 1.9: Learners are asked to introduce themselves to the class. 



The use of digital tools like Padlet and Flip enhances instructor presence in the asynchronous classroom by fostering student connections and facilitating creative introductions. Padlet functions as a versatile bulletin-board app, enabling collaborative content sharing with features such as multimedia uploads and unique templates. While the free version has limitations, its benefits include privacy options and real-time moderation. However, it lacks direct integration with Canvas. On the other hand, Flip offers a platform for students to express themselves through short video, text, and audio messages, promoting personal introductions and creativity. It seamlessly integrates with Canvas and allows for easy assessment through SpeedGrader. These tools empower students to build a sense of belonging and support within the class. 



Susan Henney, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Faculty Demonstration


Susan Henney, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Faculty Demonstration

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