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Faculty Teaching Fellow | Dr. César Garza

Active Learning and Growth Mindset in STEM Classes

In this project I will use my years of experience with active learning techniques in the classroom to mentor other instructors in the College of Sciences & Technology in the adoption of active learning. I will also assist teachers with the implementation of growth mindset activities in our courses, which affirms that intelligence is malleable and trainable. In the videos below I share my experiences and best practices in both strategies. As you start your first course with active learning, I will assist and guide you with materials, syllabi, learning outcome alignments, and general advice.


From Lecture to Active Learning | Rewards for All (34 mins)

Learn how to implement active learning in STEM courses, as well as its main benefits and challenges in this video.

Growth Mindset in the Classroom (16 mins)

Growth mindset is a vital tool in modern classrooms. Learn more about it and how to foster it in your courses in this video.


Ready to Convert Your Course to an Active Learning Classroom

Now that you learned more about active learning methodologies and the growth mindset philosophy, and if you're ready to try these techniques in your courses, it's time to get you ready and prepare syllabi, assignments, and general strategies. I can help you at every step and after the semester ends, we will collect metrics, feedback from students and testimonials about your experience with these strategies.

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About Dr. César Garza

I earned my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin. After working 2 years as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, I joined UHD in 2017 as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. I have published papers on Analysis, Geometry, and Machine Learning and I have directed several undergraduate projects in different areas of Mathematics. Since 2018 I have taught several active learning classes ranging from freshman to senior level.