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Digital Tool: Infographic

infographic IconDigital Tool Infographic 

Learning Continuity Alignment:

LC IconLC5 - Maintain Active Learning 

Utilize active learning approaches that leverage digital learning tools. 

LC IconLC6 - Provide Flexible Resources

Replace physical resources with flexible and accessible digital resources  where possible.

LC IconQuality Matters Alignment: 

QM 6.2   Course tools promote learner engagement and active learning.  

QM6.3   A variety of technology is used in the course. 



Infographics are a key tool for dissemination of knowledge in health education, direct service healthcare, public health, and social work. Infographics are also frequently used in science, marketing, and business. When students create infographics in class, they are not only learning how to “make an infographic,” they are learning how to evaluate, organize, and convey information in a way that is meaningful, engaging, and at a reading/literacy level that is approachable for the average consumer (QM 6.2). Infographics take voluminous and sometimes complex information and whittle it down to a reader-friendly and understandable presentation. 


Susan Henney, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Faculty Demonstration

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