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Accessible Course Documents

accessible IconAccessible Course Documents 

Learning Continuity Alignment:

LC IconLC8: Design for Equity, Access and Care   

Design for equity, access, and care through incorporating universal design for learning (UDL) principles.

LC IconQM8.3:  

The course provides accessible text and images in files, documents, LMS pages, and web pages to meet the diverse needs of learners.


Accessibility of course content is defined as making course content “usable by as many people as possible without an undue burden” (Course Accessibility 101: Understanding the Basics | Learning Technologies at College of DuPage ( Accessibility is a fundamental principle that enhances the success of all students. In practical terms, accessible course documents can be utilized through various teaching methods, ensuring that students have a consistent and inclusive experience when accessing an instructor's content and feedback. The following faculty videos will demonstrate:  

    1. Tips on improving accessibility scores on previously created documents and creating accessible documents within Canvas. 
    2. Aligning course syllabus with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines to provide instructions and information in a way that benefits all learners.  


Kendra Mhoon, Ph.D. | Associate Professor, Statistics
Faculty Demonstration


Vaishali Chaubal, Ph.D. | Lecturer, Biology
Faculty Demonstration

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