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ENG 2313

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Dr. Katharine Jager, Professor of English, redesigned ENG 2313 Survey of British Literature: Beginnings to 1800so that it could be taught both online and asynchronously. This important course falls within the 040 Language, Philosophy, and Culture band of the State of Texas's common core. This class covers canonical texts, from Chaucer to Shakespeare and beyond. Using the online software, Perusal, Dr. Jager pieced together long-out of copyright materials, making them suitable for online and asynchronous discussion. She found Dartmouth College's John Milton Reading Room to be particularly helpful, but the bulk of the class's readings had to be painstakingly prepared for undergraduate accessibility. The course has proven successful thanks to Dr. Jager's commitment and to a university Online Course Development Initiative(OCDI) grant.

You can hear more in a video seminar hosted by UHD's OER librarian.