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PS-02.A.21 - Equal Opportunity Policy

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EFFECTIVE DATE: February 17, 2023

ISSUE #: 8

PRESIDENT: Dr. Loren J. Blanchard


The University of Houston-Downtown recognizes the importance of and adheres to the practice of providing equal opportunity in all areas of education and employment in compliance with state and federal laws. This policy statement has been developed to ensure recognition and implementation of this philosophy.


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3.1 The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) is committed to equality of opportunity in all areas of education and employment, and its goal is to achieve a diverse community.

3.2 The policy of the University of Houston System and its universities is to ensure equal opportunity in all its educational programs and activities, and all terms and conditions of employment without regard to age, race, color, disability, religion, national origin, veteran's status, genetic information, or sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity or status, or gender expression, except where such a distinction is required by law.

3.3 UHD does not practice or condone discrimination, in any form, against any individual in any of the above protected classifications, including employees, applicants, or students, with respect to admission, educational activities, recruitment, appointment, benefits, training, promotion, retention, discipline, termination, or any other aspects of the terms, conditions and/or privileges of employment and/or enrollment. All personnel actions shall include a review for EEO compliance.

3.4 UHD supports the protections available to members of its community under all applicable state and federal laws.


4.1 All new benefits-eligible staff employees are required to attend orientation, includingtraining regarding employment discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as reporting obligations, within thirty (30) days after the date of hire.

4.2 All employees are required to complete the supplemental training regarding employment discrimination and sexual harassment annually.

4.3 UHD takes reports of discrimination seriously and prohibits retaliation against an individual for making a good faith report or charge of discrimination, or for participating in good faith in the investigation or adjudicative process regarding such reports.


Responsible Party (Reviewer): Title IX/Equal Opportunity Officer

Review: Every three years on or before September 1st.

Signed original on file in Human Resources


Issue #1: 08/15/03

Issue #2: 10/01/04

Issue #3: 10/15/07

Issue #4: 11/05/10

Issue #5: 07/09/15 - Reaffirmed as Issue #6

Issue #6: 06/14/19

Issue #7: 09/17/21


SAM 01.D.05, Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement

SAM 01.D.07, Anti-Discrimination Policy

Texas Commission on Human Rights Act of 1983

Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Equal Pay Act of 1963

Age Discrimination Act in Employment Act of 1967

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008

Pregnancy Discrimination Act

Executive Order No. 11246, As Amended