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IT Scholarship 2020

Dedicated to Gators working together during Covid-19
gator mascot photo The IT Scholarship is dedicated to every Gator who worked together to allow our students continued success with their classes despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our Gator community pulled together with strength, commitment, and compassion to help each other and our beloved University.

Recipients of the IT Scholarship for 2020

Valerie Turner
Valerie Turner Master's Discipline: Security Management

I'm a graduate student enrolled in the Masters of Security Management with a concentration in Cyber Security. I've been with USS for eight years, and in that time, I learned I love helping people with coming up with solutions to their technical problems. My interest in cybersecurity started when my blog database got hacked, and I lost everything. From that experience, I found my passion and always have a data backup. I hope to inspire women to follow their dreams no matter how long it takes and join the Information Technology field.
Joana Mucogllava
Joana Mucogllava Major: Computer Science

A computer science student passionate in AI and Robotics. My passion and drive about these subjects inspired me to open the first Robotics club in UHD. The desire I have to help other students and offer them technical support in their major motivated me to decide on becoming the president of the biggest CS club in our University, ACM. I have been part of the USS team since 2019. I am described by people who know me as hard-working and very determined to achieve my goals and follow my dreams. My motto in life is: Never give up even when no one believes in you. As a female in STEM I support other females and encourage everyone to finish their degree no matter how many things they have to overcome.
Aleksandra Kirillova
Aleksandra Kirillova Major: Communication Studies

I am very grateful I received IT Scholarship since even though I am not majoring in this field, I am very connected with the technology world. My true passion is to learn foreign languages and help people communicate across different cultures. Ideally, I would like to become a medical interpreter and that is when I will be working even more with the latest technology software.