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Spam Filtering

Information Technology at UHD has upgraded the existing spam filtering system to a new more robust system (IronPort by Cisco) in order to reduce the escalating number of spam e-mail messages (a worldwide problem with more than 70% of all e-mail traffic in the world).

What can IronPort do

IronPort accurately protects against diverse threats by featuring:

  • Powerful outer layer of defense through reputation filtering
  • Accuracy with context-based scoring and detection
  • Automatic updates and comprehensive controls

The benefits of using such a system, allows us to eliminate a broad range of email threats. Through its high level of accuracy, IronPort provides an easy to use system with near-zero administration.

How does IronPort work?

The new spam filtering system examines all incoming e-mail traffic to identify spam messages, and quarantines suspicious messages before they reach your Exchange/Outlook inbox.

You may receive daily e-mail Digest message reports in your inbox that lists any quarantined messages. If you do not have any suspicious messages, you will not receive the digest. If you do nothing, the spam messages are deleted after 30 days. However, in some cases, legitimate communications may be quarantined. Therefore, IronPort allows you to log in and:

  • Search for specific quarantined e-mail messages
  • Read a quarantined message
  • Release a quarantined message to your inbox
  • Delete quarantined messages
  • Add an e-mail address to the Safelist so the address is never quarantined
  • Add an e-mail address to the Blocklist so the address is always quarantined

For more information regarding the IronPort Spam Quarantine, and instructions on how to release messages and/or manage your Safelist and Blocklist, please see the PDF training document.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Help Desk (X3000, 713-221-8031,