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Email Lists

Exchange Distribution Lists and ListServ mailing lists are the most common ways for mass email communication. They both allow for the distribution of messages among a group and can send to more than 500 email addresses. However, there are some distinct differences. Please review the differences in the table below to help you determine which type of list best meets your needs.

  • Exchange Distribution lists are best used for sending information to groups where the list membership does not change that often. Exchange Distribution Lists are limited to only users inside UHD.

  • ListServ mailing lists let you configure the lists to your needs and can be configured to any size group. ListServ allows you to send to both internal and external users.

Main Features ListServ Exchange Distribution List Personal Contact Group
Can be created by user No-must contact IT No-must contact IT Yes
Messages Can be moderated Yes Yes N/A
Users can unsubscribe on their own Yes No N/A
Subscription can be moderated Yes No N/A
Send to more than 500 recipients Yes Yes No
Can contain external email addresses Yes No Yes
Built-in templates Yes Yes Yes
Add/Remove individual users by owner Yes Yes Yes
Allow multiple owners Yes Yes No
Upload bulk email list by owner Yes No-must contact IT Yes