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Alumni Computer Access Information

Welcome back, UHD Alumni!

UHD Alumni can use the Career Development Center to create or update resumes. If the Career Development Center is closed, the UHD Academic Computing Lab is available for alumni to use its resources as a way to update their resumes.

Use of Computing Resources by UHD Alumni

Information Technology policy for accommodating the computing needs of UHD alumni includes the following items free of charge:

  • Access to the Academic Computing Lab (Room S800) equipment and software for resume updates ONLY (when the Career Development Center is closed).
  • Laser printing of resume and cover letter. (Laser printing is for final drafts only. A maximum of two copies of a final draft may be printed.)

At the present time, Information Technology is unable to issue Linux accounts to the University of Houston-Downtown alumni because of heavy network traffic, network bandwidth limitations, and security concerns.

Priority access to computing resources will be given to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of the University of Houston-Downtown. To ensure the adequate availability of computing resources to the university community, Information Technology reserves the right to deny, limit, or defer access to computing resources to alumni.

Computers and resources in academic computing facilities are not to be used for business or other profit-producing endeavors, or for recreational purposes. Games are prohibited on all academic computing resources. All computer usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring; the user should have no expectation of privacy regarding any information contained on UHD computing resources.

Alumni are required to abide by the Regulations for Using Academic Computing Facilities and Resources at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Training classes – Alumni have access to IT training classes through the TTLC. For more information, please see