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Accessing Voice Mail


Cisco Unity Connection is a robust unified messaging and voicemail solution that provides users with flexible message access options. Cisco Unity Connection lets users access and manage messages from an email inbox, web browser, Cisco Unified IP Phone, smartphone, or tablet.

UHD faculty and staff members are provided with a unified messaging accounts which enables them to conveniently access voice messages via multiple platforms including email.

Accessing Your Voice Mail Account

You can access your voice mail account multiple ways. Please see the options below:

From Your Desk:

  1. Press the message button voicemail icon or voicemail icon
  2. Dial extension "3995"
  3. Enter your PIN when prompted

Off Campus:

  1. Dial 713-223-7999
  2. Enter your 4-digit extension
  3. Enter your PIN when prompted

From Your Computer:

  1. Unified Messaging account users can listen to their voice mail using a media player by opening the attached .wav file they will receive in their work email.
  2. Web Inbox - open a browser and go to and log in using your UHD network account (if off campus, you must VPN first).