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Cisco Phone Basics


Voice over IP (VoIP) defines a way to carry voice calls over an IP network including the digitization and packetization of the voice streams. Cisco IP Telephony utilizes the VoIP standards to create a telephony system where higher level features such as advanced call routing, voice mail, contact centers, etc., can be utilized.

Cisco Phones

Below are some useful information to get you familiar with the current phones we have throughout campus.

Please review the "Cisco Phone Interface" page to get familiar with your cisco phone keys and features.

Also, we have created a simple, print friendly PDF document that have all the important information regarding your phone:

Cisco 6941 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Please contact the IT Service Desk if you experience any issues when using your Cisco phone.


  • Place a Call
    Use any of the following approaches to place a call:
    • Lift the handset and enter a number
    • Press the (unlit) Session/Line button
    • Press the New Call soft key
    • Press the (unlit) Headset or Speakerphone button
  • End a Call
    To end a call, use one of the following options:
    • Replace the handset
    • Press the Release button
    • Press the End Call soft key
    • Press the (lit) Headset or Speakerphone button
  • Answer a Call
    Use any of the following approaches to answer a call:
    • Lift the handset
    • Press the flashing amber Session/Line button
    • Press the Answer soft key
    • Press the (unlit) Headset or Speakerphone button
  • Forward All Calls
    To forward all calls:
    • Press the Forward All softkey.
    • Choose where to forward your calls:
      • Forward to voicemail: Press the Messages button
      • Forward to internal number: Enter the 4-digit internal extension
      • Forward to outside local number: Enter 9 plus the 10-digit number
      • Forward to outside long distance number (in US): Enter 6 + 1 + the 10-digit number
    • Forward All icon to verify call forwarding.
    • Cancel forwarding by pressing the Forward Off softkey.
  • Set Up a Conference Call
    • From an active call (not on hold) press the Conference button – the active party is placed on hold
    • Call the second party
    • When the second party answers, press the Conference button again to join all parties
    • Repeat these steps if you wish to add more people to the conference call
  • Transfer a Call
    • From an active call (not on hold), press the Transfer button
    • Call the transfer recipient
    • Press the Transfer button or the Transfer soft key (before or after the party answers). The transfer is complete. Confirmation displays on your phone screen.