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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook application is installed on all faculty and staff computers for accessing email. This is the application recommended for all full-time faculty and staff who are assigned their own computer. A staff member from User Support Services will setup the email account for use upon request to the Help Desk.

Outlook Web Access (Web-based Email for Faculty & Staff)

Outlook Web Access is a browser-based e-mail program used to check e-mail from any computer with Internet access. This web interface also allows Users to send/receive email; setup Calendar schedules, view Public Folders, and establish Tasks and Contacts.

Outlook Web Access is recommended for Adjunct Faculty, part-time staff, and employees who share computers with others.

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GatorMail (Web-based Email for Students)

Students are issued an email account known as GatorMail based on their enrollment status. The first-time student is assigned a username and password which can be found in Student e-Services. The Student e-Services information is provided to the student from Student Enrollment and Management Services.

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Email Quota

Faculty and Staff email quota is 5 GB which includes the Inbox, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Sent Items, Deleted Items (still in Recycle Bin) and Contacts. If the email quota nears 4.9 GB, the faculty and staff will receive a system notification that their mailbox will soon exceed its quota. At 5 GB, the staff member will continue to receive email, but will not be able to send email. At 5.3 GB, faculty and staff will not be able to receive or send email.

To manage email quota, multiple Personal folders are recommended to archive email instead of one large Personal Folder.

Student email quota is 50 GB (using Office 365 for students). This quota includes Inbox, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Sent Items, Deleted Items (still in Recycle Bin) and Contacts. Students will no longer be able to send or receive email after 50 GB.‚Äč

Email Forwarding / Pop Mail

Email forwarding and pop email is not available for Faculty or Staff.

Last updated 3/27/2018 5:32 AM