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​​SPSS is available in all open labs and electronic classrooms for student and faculty use on campus. To request a home use license please fill out the SPSS License and Download Request. ​

What is included? 

Module Name

​​ Description​
​​Statistics Base 
​Utilized for data access, management, preparation, analysis, and reporting. 
​Data Preparation
​Get data ready for analysis, streamline the data validation process, eliminate labor-intensive manual checks and reach more accurate conclusions. Data Preparation Video (2:58)
​Enables you to assess the stability of your statistics so you can be confident in their reliability. Bootstrapping Video (2:41)
​Advanced Statistics
​Analyze complex relationships with sophisticated procedures. Advanced Statics Video (3:29)
​Make better predictions with powerful regression procedures like logistic regression, nonliner regression, and other advanced modeling. Regression Video (2:37)
​Custom Tables
​Produce high-quality tabular reports. Custom Tables Video (2:46)
​Complex Samples
​Achieve more percise analytical results when working with large-scale surveys or complex samples. Complex Samples Video (3:05)
​Helps you measure how individual product attributes affect consumer preferences. Conjoint Video (3:11)
​Direct Marketing
​When you want to find the most valuable customers for your organization. (Direct Marketing Video 2:46)​
​Exact Tests
​When you have smaller samples and want to be confident in your results, when you need to analyze rare occurrences​​ in large data sets. Exact Tests Video (3:09)
​Neural Networks
​Helps you model complex relationships between inputs and outputs. Neural Networks Video (3:23)
​Understand groupings in your data and predict key outcomes using perceptual maps. Categories Video (3:34)
​Decision Trees
​Identify patterns, segments, and groups in your data. Decision Trees Video (13:49)
​Predict future events with powerful time-series analysis. Forecasting Video (3:14)
​Missing Values
​Overcome missing data problems resulting in better models and more usable data sets. Missing Values Video (3:23)​

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