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Professional Information

Below you will find links to sites that we have found helpful. We will be adding to this list periodically; feel free to send us links to sites that you think will help other social work students either academically or professionally.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

All Council on Social Work Education programs measure and report student learning outcomes. Students are assessed on their mastery of the competencies that comprise the accreditation standards of the Council on Social Work Education.

National Association of Social Workers

NASW is a professional organization for social workers in the U.S., here you will find information about the profession of social work, advocacy issues, and the social work Code of Ethics.

International Federation of Social Workers

IFSW is an international professional organization for social workers.

The Council on Social Work Education

CSWE is the accrediting body for social work programs in the U.S.

National Association of Social Workers/Texas Chapter

The Texas Chapter of the national organization, here you will find practice and policy information specific to Texas as well as topics of general interest to social workers.

The New Social Worker

Links, information of interest to social workers.

Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners

TSBSWE regulates licensing in Texas, here you will find information about licensing rules and examination requirements.

Social Welfare Action Alliance

A national association for progressive social workers, here you will find information about the organization, conferences, and advocacy work to promote social change.

National Association of Black Social Workers

A national organization for social workers of African ancestry, here you will find information about the organization, conferences, advocacy work, careers and more.