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BSW Curriculum Information

Anyone interested in applying to the Social Work Major must have completed the following:

  • English Comp I
  • English Comp II
  • The Texas Common Core Mathematics requirement, and
  • at least 30 semester credit hours of college coursework

Additional liberal arts courses

These are preparatory course that the BSW faculty have determined are necessary to enhance students preparation to be effective social workers. 

  • 3 hrs. advanced writing (ENG 3305, 3308, 3325, 3326, 3329,  or 4306)
  • 3 hrs. in psychology (PSY)
  • 3 hrs. in either sociology (SOC) or anthropology (ANTH)

You do not have to have the above courses completed before applying to the social work program.

Social Work Courses

These are the courses that provide the generalist skills and knowledge-base specific to social work. Students considering applying to the program are encouraged to take SOCW 2361 and SOCW 2363 as soon as possible; these two required courses are open to non-majors and serve as prerequisites for all upper-level courses.

Required Social Work courses

Course Number Course Title
SOCW 2361* Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SOCW 2363* Introduction to Social Welfare Policy
SOCW 3311 Urban Practice 1
SOCW 3312 Urban Practice 2
SOCW 3313 Case Management
SOCW 3350  Research Methods in Social Work
SOCW 3351 Statistical and Qualitative Data Analysis for Social Work
SOCW 3361* Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
SOCW 3362* Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SOCW 3363* Urban Issues in a Global Environment
SOCW 3364* Social Justice & Professional Ethics
SOCW 4301 Field Practicum 1
SOCW 4302 Issues in Field Practicum 1
SOCW 4303 Field Practicum 2
SOCW 4304 Issues in Field Practicum 2

Prescribed social work elective courses (students choose 2 of these)

Course Number Course Title
SOCW 3331 Practice with Aging Populations
SOCW 3332 Practice with Children & Adolescents
SOCW 4331 Urban Community Organizing
SOCW 4332 Crisis Intervention
SOCW 4390 Special Topics in Social Work (This course may be repeated when topics vary)
SOCW 4399 Directed Study in Social Work

*indicates course is open to non-majors, prerequisites will apply as indicated in the catalog