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Field Experience

Can I complete an internship for graduate credit?
Yes. A graduate internship is considered field experience. You may register for TCOM
6380 Field Experience to satisfy the application course of your degree. You may also
choose the field experience option if you plan to complete a capstone project.

What are my responsibilities for the field experience?
You are responsible for locating your workplace sponsor. You must also gain approval
from the Graduate Director before you begin. To gain credit for the field experience, you
must complete at least 120 hours of work. You are also responsible for:

  • A log of your total hours worked
  • A final report on your field experience
  • A sample of the project(s) you completed

Note: You cannot apply your current job responsibilities toward the field experience.

How do I gain approval for the field experience?
You must submit the internship application (PDF) to the Graduate Director before
registering for TCOM 6380. The Graduate Director must approve your application
before you may begin working on your field experience.

Where may I complete a field experience?
The Internship list contains a list of companies and organizations that offer
technical communication internships. You may also locate a company or organization
not provided in the list. Remember you must gain approval from the Graduate Director
once you have identified a potential field experience.

Is there a schedule I must follow?
Yes. Please review the Field Experience Schedule (PDF).

How will I be graded?
You will receive a grade of either S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory).

What if I cannot finish the field experience by the end of the semester?
Your field experience cannot exceed two semesters. If you are unable to complete your field experience in one semester, you may again register for TCOM 6380. However, you must complete the field experience by the end of that semester.

What do I do after I have completed TCOM 6380?
You may register for TCOM 6392 Capstone Project after you have completed all
requirements for your field experience.

Last updated 6/28/2018 3:32 AM