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MBA Admissions Without GMAT


There are several options that provide the opportunity for students to start either the MBA Program or any of the Graduate Certificates without being required to take the GMAT. Possible options are:

  1. Students who have an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, or 3.0 or higher in their last 60 hours can have the GMAT requirement waived.
  2. Students who have an adequate percentile score on other exams frequently used for graduate program admission (e.g., LSAT, MCAT) may petition to have those scores used in lieu of the GMAT.
  3. Students who have completed an advanced degree (e.g. masters or higher).
  4. Students may seek permission to use the Soft Start option. To employ Soft Start students must include an essay to the College of Business Graduate Admissions Committee in their admissions materials indicating their seriousness in which they will be approaching their program and their commitment to be a viable contributor to their classes. In some instances, the Admissions Committee may further require an interview before the Soft Start option can be employed.
  5. Advance Degree Holders: Have an earned graduate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution (or U.S. licensure).