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Efficient Scheduling for Busy Professionals

All MBA Core, Concentration and Graduate Certificate courses are provided in a blended/hybrid (part face-to-face, part online) environment. Presently, most Core, Concentration and Graduate Certificate programs start in the fall semester and some start in the spring semester. The face-to-face portion of each class is offered one night a week over an eight week term. Core classes are offered on Monday and /or Wednesday nights – allowing students to complete two core courses per each eight week term. Students successfully completing 20 hours of core classes at this rate will take 8 hours in fall semester and 8 hours in the spring semester and 4 hours in the summer term.

Concentration/Graduate Certificate classes are offered one night a week over eight weeks, one course at a time. Programs starting the fall which are comprised of either five or six classes will be completed during the summer term with the additional one hour graduate colloquium course. Across terms, each concentration/graduate certificate course is offered on either Tuesday or Thursday evening for most of the concentrations.