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Graduate Programs

As a focus of advance academics and research, the University of Houston-Downtown offers eleven master's degree programs to complement its most popular undergraduate programs. UHD graduate programs are designed to captivate, educate, and graduate well-qualified students.

Our graduate program representatives are available to provide leadership and guidance for students interesting in graduate studies. UHD is committed to providing a learning environment for the University's community.


Our graduate degrees include:


Master of Arts in Non-Profit Management
The Master of Arts in Non-Profit Management (MANPM) program is designed to prepare recent college graduates, as well as mid-level and senior-level administrators for the management and leadership of non-profit organizations of all types.

Master of Arts in Rhetoric And Composition
The Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Composition (MARC) will provide students with graduate training in rhetoric and composition pedagogy as well as literary analysis. Those interested in a writing-based career, including teaching in a community college, will especially benefit from this Masters program.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication (MASC) equips students with the cutting-edge strategic communication skills, research knowledge, technology competencies, and theories needed to create effective community engagement and messaging with culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse public audiences and stakeholders.

Master of Arts in Teaching
The Master of Arts in Teaching offers unique opportunities to educators who wish to enhance their classroom-based teaching skills and techniques, rather than focusing solely on theory.

Master of Business Administration
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at UHD was designed specifically for the working-professional. Working professionals are motivated people who want to continue working in their full-time professional position, while also pursuing graduate education. The MBA program is structured so that individuals spend merely two evenings a week while in graduate study.

Master of Educational Leadership

The Masters of Educational Leadership degree program at UHD is specifically designed to prepare K-12 educational leaders to better meet modern demands. America needs transformative leaders in K-12 education whose passion for quality and equity is matched by a firsthand knowledge of effective leadership strategies for learning and development, a firm grasp of school regulations at the federal, state, and local levels, and the organizational management skills to translate visionary ideas into overall school improvement.

Master of Professional Accountancy
The Master of Professional Accountancy prepares students to meet the growing need for professional accountants in Houston and across the country. Students will learn how to formulate accounting strategies as well as develop valuable critical thinking skills to assess business risks and make business decisions using latest analytical tools.

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) is an application-oriented program that combines theoretical knowledge of AI with hands-on training in AI-specific applications through programming languages such as Python and open-source libraries such as TensorFlow.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice
The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to further knowledge, develop leadership and elevate professional skills for individuals interested in areas related to criminological theory, criminal justice administration, and program evaluation.

Master of Science in Data Analytics
The Master of Science in Data Analytics is an application-based program that will provide students with broad education in advanced statistics, digital data acquisition, digital data management, data analysis, and data presentation.

Master of Security Management
The Master of Security Management was developed in response to requests from corporate security companies who want trained security professionals for management roles.

Master of Science in Technical Communication
The Master of Science in Technical communication (MSTC) provides graduates with writing, design, and management skills based on rhetorical principles. The MSTC curriculum, along with the guidance of skilled and experienced professional writing faculty, will prepare graduates to lead in diverse professions.