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LMS Transition to Canvas

About the LMS Transition to Canvas

During a recent accessibility review at the University of Houston, Bb Learn, as a Learning Management System (LMS), did not meet the state and federal requirements. According to a consultant engaged by UH, the following LMS packages meet the accessibility requirements: Canvas, Desire-to-learn (D2L), and Blackboard Ultra (note that Bb Ultra is entirely different from Bb Learn).

After a brief and intense but thorough review of the options for a new Learning Management System, we are pleased to announce that we intend to move to Instructure Canvas with a soft launch in Fall 2023 and a full launch for Spring 2024 of all courses. Our LMS transition project team made up of faculty and staff is working on the timeline and key actions that are needed over the next 18 months to ensure a smooth transition.

Project Timeline

Project Initiation: Fall 2022; Pilot, Training and Soft Launch: Spring/Summer 2023; Soft Launch: Fall 2023; Full Launch: Spring 2024

Transition Team

Name Role
Michelle Moosally AVP, Programming and Curriculum
Application Lead
Hossein Shahrokhi Associate Vice President and CIO
Technical Lead
Georges Detiveaux Associate Director, CTLE
David Ryden Faculty
Zahir Latheef Faculty
Irene Linlin Chen Faculty by Academic Technology Committee
Merriann Bidgood Faculty by Academic Technology Committee
Krista Gehring Faculty Senate
Tim Redl Assistant Chair, CST
Kevin Jones Department Chair, MDCOB
Paul Kintzele Associate Dean, CHSS
Jon Schwartz Dean, CPS
Hope Pamplin SSSL Disability Services
Mia Hopson Student Representative
John Lane Director, Technology Learning Services
LoShon Harvey Manager, LMS/BB Support and Technology Training
William Robinson Support and Technology Specialist
Franklin Phan System Integration Administrator
Tai Hilaire Project Manager