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About our Center

Gator Success Institute


Mission Statement

The Gator Success Institute provides assistance and opportunities for all freshman and sophomore students so that they will persist in college and reach their full potential as independent learners. The Institute advocates for freshmen and sophomores both individually and collectively and serves as the hub of activities for the First-Year and Second-Year Experience Programs.


Students sitting in a library


The Gator Success Institute currently provides the following services:
  • Peer mentoring through the Gator Mentoring Program
  • Academic success coaching
  • Conducts one-on-one or group coaching sessions
  • Designs individual success plans for assigned students
  • Interventions for students on academic probation such as the Academic Recovery Program
  • Programs for students to improve their academic status and progress
  • Learning strategies and study skills workshops
  • Special programming for second-year students
  • Early Alert Program administration in collaboration with academic advisor
  • Outreach services for faculty, staff, and the broader UHD community
  • Provides information and resources to freshman and sophomore faculty
  • Promotes academic planning and registration
  • Monitors characteristics and progress of FTIC cohorts and disseminates useful data in collaboration with Institutional Research