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Second Year Success Tips

Second-Year Success Tips

Making the Most Out of Your Second Year and What to Expect


Academic and Career Challenges

In your second year, your course material may become tougher, and questions regarding how your classes relate to your future career will arise. For academic help, please use your resources throughout each semester, such as participating in Gator Success Institute events, utilizing the Academic Support Center, attending Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions, visiting the Writing and Reading center, and speaking with your instructors. UHD Career Center can assist you with anything related to your future plans from career exploration to resume and cover letter reviews. Having a clearer picture of your career plan can positively impact your academic performance. It is also vital to meet with your academic advisor twice during each term. Advisors are as important in your second year as they were in your first. Make sure you are on track and taking the right courses needed to graduate on time. 

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Relational Concerns

Many things outside of your courses can impact your academic success. Issues with family and friends, a tedious work schedule, financial concerns, and other home-life issues are a few of the challenges you may face in your second year. Knowing when and where to seek help during these trying times can minimize the effect on your grades. Student Affairs @ UHD has many resources to address the personal issues that may arise during your time here. Don't be afraid to talk to someone on campus, openly comminute your needs to family and friends, and receive help to find reasonable solutions to your issues. 

Goals for the Year